Lectures & Workshops

I teach a variety of lectures and workshops from modern design to piecing techniques, please see below for more details.  If you are interested in booking a visit or would like a price sheet, please contact me at heatherblack@quiltachusetts.com



Trunk Show

My trunk show feature 25-35 quilts, a slide show (optional) and a Q&A time. 30-45 min


Make Modern Quilts

Learn a brief history of modern quilting and how to spot the elements that make a quilt design modern.  Includes a slide show with plenty of visual examples. 45-60 min


Create Balance & Depth

This lecture will explore how to begin with a base that will guarantee a balanced quilt — from minimalist to block-based designs — and introduce several techniques that will add depth to your designing. 45-60 min

Half-Day Workshops 3-4 HOUrs


Designing Modern

Attendees will learn, in simple terms, how to design well balanced modern quilts while exploring their own creative style. The most important thing to take from the class is to not compare yourself to others but work on your own voice and enjoy the design process.  Workshop requires the purchase of class materials.  (combine with Playing With Color for a full day workshop ) 


Playing With Color

The best way to understand color and how it works is to spend time interacting with it. This workshop introduces students to color by using watercolor paints to demonstrate the basics of color theory and then apply this knowledge to quilt design. Students will have a chance to to produce a watercolor painting of a quilt block. Workshop requires the purchase of class materials.  (combine with Design Modern for a full day workshop ) 

Full Day workshops 6-7 hours


Modern Drunkard's Path

In this two part workshop you will learn the basics of curve piecing using the traditional drunkards path block and how to incorporate curve piecing into your modern quilt designs.  This workshop is a great skill builder, pattern included.


Nesting Curves

Students will learn how to piece nested drunkard's path blocks, two or more drunkard's path curves in one block, as a technique to add depth and interest to their quilts. The students will be working on the "festoon" blocks featuring a nested curve and improv strips from my upcoming book to be released Jan 2020.


Modern Techniques with the Tri-Recs tool

This workshop goes through how to use and design with the Tri-Recs tool.  Techniques taught will include piecing triangles, half rectangle triangles and triangle blocks.  During the class students will be encourage to try modern designs and create a modern triangle quilt.  Tri-Recs tool recommended, pattern included.